Technical Program

Dielectrics, Electromagnetic Phenomena, and Emitters

  • Dielectrics, Insulation, and Breakdown
  • Plasmas, Discharges, and Electromagnetic Phenomena
  • Lasers, X-Rays, EUV, Partial Discharge Testing, and Other Emitters

High Voltage and Power Modulator Components

  • ¬†Power Electronics, Power Supplies, Prime Power, Rotating Machines, and Energy Converters
  • Solid State Power Modulators, Components, and Systems
  • Power Electronics and High Voltage
  • High Voltage Design, Devices, Testing, and Diagnostics
  • Opening, Closing, and Solid-State Switches

Power Modulator Systems and Applications

  • ¬†Repetitive Pulsed Power Systems, Repetitive Pulsed Magnetics, Accelerators, Beams, High Power Microwaves, and High Power Pulsed Antennas
  • Electromagnetic Launchers, High Current Systems, High Rep-Rate Systems, Thermal Management, and Applications
  • Power Modulator Configurations, Systems, Diagnostics, and Applications in Vacuum and Low Pressure
  • New and Novel Applications of Power Modulators
  • Analytical Methods, Modeling, and Simulation
  • Biological, Medical, and Environmental Applications of Power Modulators

Short Courses

A complete list of short courses and corresponding registration link will be added soon.

It is expected that we will host 2-3 short courses will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2024, at the JW Marriott. Short course topics are yet to be determined. Previous courses have included:

  • Fast Transient Sensors
  • Solid-state Pulsed Power and Civil Applications
  • Power Electronics
  • RF and HPM Sources
  • Overview of Power Semiconductor Devices
  • Science of Electrical Insulation

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