The 2018 IPMHVC event will include an exhibition representing state-of-the-art capabilities from government, universities, and industry.  The detailed prospectus for exhibitors can be downloaded here.  A variety of exhibition pricing options are available, in addition to exclusive sponsorship opportunities.  Please contact the Exhibits and Sponsors Chair with questions or interest in participating in the exhibition.



Booth 1 5S Components
Booth 2 Dean Technology
Booth 3 Advanced Test Equipment Corporation
Booth 4 Diversified Technologies, Inc.
Booth 5 VR Electronics Co. LTD.
Booth 6 Jema Energy
Booth 7 Kanthal-Sandvik
Booth 8 Leonardo DRS
Booth 9 Scandinova Systems AB
Booth 10 L3 Power Distribution
Booth 11 Behlke
Booth 12 IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society
Booth 13 IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society
Booth 14 Barth Electronics / Trek Inc. / Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Booth 15 AVX
Booth 16 Sigma Phi Accelerator Technologies
Booth 17 Teledyne Reynolds
Booth 18 Eagle Harbor Technologies, Inc.
Booth 19 Pearson Electronics
Booth 20 TDK-Lambda Corporation
Booth 21 GMW Associates
Booth 22 HVR Advanced Power Components
Booth 23 Stangenes Industries Inc.
Booth 24 General Atomics
Booth 25 Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation
Booth 26 ITHPP-Alcen